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Trapped For The Holidays

We asked the authors in the Hate to Want You set: Your characters have to spend the Easter holiday together for whatever reason. Where are they? What are they doing? Will they both/all emerge alive, or will they say "to hell with this"? Check out their responses below! KB Cinder - It’d be for a family event since Wolf celebrates nothing willingly. Maribel volunteers them as hosts to save face, as both come from families more concerned with appearance than anything else, and she doesn’t want to hear from her mother about them skipping yet another holiday. Plus, hosting will get them out of attending Memorial Day and Fourth of July festivities, at least. She’d egg Wolf along (pun intended), by pegging him with plastic eggs during the kid’s egg hunt, and then have the kids dye his precious silk ties later instead of hard-boiled eggs since he’s such a spoilsport. The whole time, Wolf would mutter about how ridiculous it all is to celebrate a giant egg-shitting rabbit, but secretly love seeing his Marble flutter around with a smile. Lexy Timms - Jane Westen came from a broken home, with demons from her past she can't escape. There is no bloody way she plans to spend Easter in some foreign German castle with strange lawyer who's determined to make sure she doesn't inherit the fairytale location. She doesn't want it, or him--even if he is dark, handsome and smart. Like the Easter bunny, this guy can't be real. Brantwijn Serrah & Torie James - Detective Sebastian Stone is dogging Kate day and night, sure she knows more about a Costa Mesa cult massacre than she's letting on. Every time he shows up to bother her she gets closer and closer to losing her temper... which could cost him his life. Their latest confrontation came at the bar in a seedy and sultry night club, when all she wanted was a night out with her new lady friends from the agency. Minding her own business and sipping the bar's Easter holiday special -- a chocolate bunny martini -- she sensed him slide in beside her and slap down a few bills for a drink of his own. "Evening, Ms. Reyes. Why am I not surprised to find you here in a flesh market instead of Easter Mass?" Pursing her lips and setting down her drink, Kate took a minute to toss back her hair. "Please, Detective. I'm about as welcome at a Catholic Mass as you are in a meth lab." Veronia Eden - It shouldn’t be weird. Lincoln has spent most of spring break at the Morgan’s house since he and Nate became friends. It should’ve been the same as always—days in the pool, staying up all night, sleeping in half the day, and teasing the shit out of little Briar Morgan just to see that hilarious put out little pout when his taunts hit home. Nate always used to roll his eyes and beg for one year without bloodshed between them when Lincoln and Briar bickered. But Briar’s freshman year of college changes that. When Lincoln goes for a jibe, she slings one back instead of pouting. She spends the week walking around in a bikini top and the tightest cutoffs he’s ever seen. And when he’s up in the middle of the night making pancakes—because this is as much his home as his best friend’s—she’s there in the shadows, sharing his 3 a.m. snack when he puts a stack in front of her. Lincoln will never get last spring break out of his head. MV Ellis - I stare across the table at Tyce, and he glares back, raising a questioning eyebrow. I silently mouth “f@ck you,” and watch for his reaction. A few beats pass, and he mouths “when?” back. I so badly want to flick him the bird, or just get up and leave the table, but I don’t want to cause a scene. Mrs Le Claire has put together just about the biggest and most mouthwatering holiday meal I’ve ever seen, and not only do I not want to ruin the vibe, I also don’t want to miss out on the delicious food. Still, I’m kicking myself for accepting the invite in the first place. What the f@ck was I even thinking, willingly putting myself up for spending the weekend with Tyce, and his impossibly nice family? It’s madness. Once the meal has been underway for a while, I duck to the bathroom, for some respite from the tension, but my plan falls to sh1t when I leave the guest restroom, only to find Tyce waiting for me outside. “So, what’s it going to be, a quickie before the apple pie and ice-cream, or are you in the habit of letting your mouth write checks your d1ck can’t cash?”

BL Mute & S. Rena - I shove my hands in my pockets and kick the grass. Our family doesn’t do gatherings like this, but with Max’s daughter now being four, finally able to enjoy hunting plastic eggs filled with chocolate and other shit, I guess this will be a new norm. Me, five of my brothers, and Kenley— the only sister, all gather around as August finishes her hunt and bounces over to us dragging Max behind her. “I open my eggs now, Uncle Em.” I smile as she plops onto the ground in front of me. “Yeah? Let’s see what you got.” I don’t really like kids, but I’d die for my niece. As she dumps her bunny bucket out, all of us crouch down and start popping them open. “Seriously?” Kenley exclaims. “Who the fuck put a Rolex in an egg? She’s four you idiots.” I roll my eyes and reach for the golden egg I know I stuffed. I crack it open and watch as the bundle of one-hundred dollar bills fall out. “I did cash because we all know her dad is already going bankrupt.” “I’m far from it, brother,” Max replies. “At least I’m not pining over someone who hates me because I forced them to work for me.” I shrug. “She’ll learn to love me eventually.” I lean forward and give August a peck on her cheek, then stand to distance myself from my dysfunctional family. Now that Sid is on my mind, I want to know what she’s doing this Easter, and if I’m lucky, I can make it be me. Naomi Springthorp Easter Sunday doesn’t stop baseball. Layla will be in the stands cheering on her team, the San Diego Seals, with unmatched gusto. Until, she is derailed by a horrible call that she’d like to blame on an umpire, but loves that it’s the idiot Skipper. “That stupid man,” she says out loud to no one. There’s a replay of the blunder on the jumbotron and the stadium erupts with boos. “You walked right into that one, damn idiot!” She yells louder than everyone in the 50,000 capacity venue. “Are you working for the other team?” She shakes her head in disbelief yet again. “Quit taking the bat out of our player’s hands and let them play the game!” Skip simply leans on the dugout rail with his chin resting on his hands, stoic and unmoved by anything. Eventually turning to find Layla continuing to yell at him and the pleasure that it brings her. Tonya Clark - Ashlyn is so excited to finally be home. Leaving home is one thing, leaving the state all together has been harder than she ever could imagine. Best part of being home though… Kayson isn’t here, well at least she thought he wasn’t going to be here. Door bell rings… What the hell is he doing here. “Man it’s about time you decided to remember where your best friend lives.” I hear my brother’s voice through the fog in my head. I just can’t get away from him. She thought she was going to get away from me, but little did she know, her brother being my best friend makes her family my family and the perfect excuse to spend Easter with them. She wants to ignore what is going on between the two of us, I’m going to show her she can’t run and hide. Maya Riley - Sai is just trying to survive another day. He doesn't expect Kasa to hang around, and he suspects she wants to find out more than simply what he wants in an Easter basket. Can he make it through the weekend without having her find out what kind of monster he really is? For more of sizzling sauciness make sure to order your copy of the Hate to Want You box set now!

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