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Updated: Jun 13

Welcome to the place where you get to meet the authors of the Hate to Want You anthology set! We've been working so hard on telling you about our stories, that we wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit about us. Below you will find random facts, a story about finding our way into the author world, how much we look forward to this set, and more. So dive on in!

KB Cinder

Once upon a time, I made people laugh so hard at work that we had to hide in conference rooms to cry-laugh so we wouldn't get sent to HR. Way back then, I was a cubicle queen slowly losing my mind in the corporate world where you can't tell customers to eat your ass when they're rude AF, and you have to wear pants every day. The audacity, right? Today, I write books with heat, hahas, and HEAs. Oh, and face riding, too. I also regularly tell others to eat my ass on my way to Starbucks, and I wear pants on my terms.

When I'm not writing steamy, funny stories in my office and hissing at passersby, you can catch me cuddling a reluctant cat or scrolling through DoorDash/Tiktok for hours on end. I live in NJ with my husband and menagerie of pets, including four pupperonis, too many cats, and a grumpy turtle.

Elle Thorpe

I’m an introvert. I’ve also got four brothers and two sisters. The two don’t go well together when you don’t even have your own bedroom. So I spent most of my childhood hiding from my siblings with my nose in a book.

In high school, my idea of a big Saturday night was writing stories about the average girl who got the hottest guy in school.

Jobs were filled with hidden notebooks where I’d jot down story ideas when my boss wasn’t around. Conversations I overheard became fair game for character dialogue.

Until writing became my fulltime job. Now I don’t have to hide the notebooks, I write dark romantic suspense, reverse harem, and sexy, dirty talking cowboys.

Logan Fox

I've always loved reading. I would take out four thick books from the library every Friday and devour them in a few days. Creative English was my favorite class in high school, and that was when I first began writing short stories. Mostly Stephen King fan-fiction.

From there, my passion for writing exploded. I didn't know I was going to be a full time writer until about six years ago when I discovered self publishing, wrote my first book (a sci fi trilogy, LOL) and published it.

That moment was so exhilarating...I was hooked.

I began exploring different genres, moving from dystopian sci-fi to erotica to dark romance, which felt like the perfect fit for my demented characters.

This set has given me the chance to work with authors I've been admiring from afar for years, and enemies-to-lovers has always been my favorite trope to write in!

Brooke Summers

I've always read. From as long as I can remember. My mum is an avid reader - although she doesn't read romance When I was little I used to make up stories just for fun. I'd make my little sister sit down and I'd read them to her. Poor girl.

I'm not really sure what made me take the leap from writing for fun to publishing. Hitting publish on my very first book was the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done, but also the most exhilarating.

When I'm not writing Alpha-holes and badass bitches, I'm running around after my three-year-old who's as sassy as I am.

I'm a foul mouthed, dirty minded weirdo.

I'm an introvert who would rather spend the night in front of the fire reading than going out.

MV Ellis

Random gubbins about me you never wanted to know.

- I delivered my own baby in the front seat of my car

- I have a degree and Master's in Social and Political Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology and Politics) from Cambridge University

- I married a man I met while sitting next to each other on a 36hr bus journey in Brazil

- I received 6 publishing offers for my first book

- I'm the first member of my family to go to university

- I've kissed Justin Timberlake

- I was held up at gunpoint on the same Brazil trip (with said bus companion)

- I can spell Mississippi backwards and forwards off the top of my head

- I can speak French, Spanish, and a smattering of Portuguese (as well as English, obvs)

- I am both an only child, and the eldest of six siblings

- I drink coffee like it's water, and water like it's poison

- I can wrap both legs around my head

Faith Everly

My dad always said I should be a writer. I'm not sure this is the sort of writing he was talking about, though. Throughout childhood, any clean pages left in my school notebooks turned into story pages over the summer. Where I found the time to write while devouring books and caring for three younger siblings, I have no idea.

I sort of fell into professional writing by accident. A dream led to me writing my first 50k novel over the course of a weekend - I couldn't stop myself! It was garbage, but my style was enough to get me hired by a client in search of romance ghostwriters. Five years and hundreds of romances later I decided it was time to start publishing on my own. I love writing RH because it illustrates the different relationship dynamics and how each partner fulfills an aspect of the heroine's personality. Plus... duh, it's hot.

Now I live in NJ with my husband and a little dog who literally glares at me every morning until I head upstairs to my office. Talk about motivation. Meanwhile, he naps the whole time.

Shaw Hart

I've always loved to read and write so becoming an author felt natural. I'm married with two kids and my husband is in the Air Force so making my own hours and not having to find a new job every time we move is also a big plus! I love dogs and otters, have a strange obsession with sudoku and mahjong, and I love Pinterest. I'm a tea snob (like seriously) who loves to pretend she's a yogi even though I'm not very good at it. I still try though! I love stand up comedies, true crime shows, and I'm a total introvert/homebody.

Jacie Lennon

Hiiii! I’m Jacie and I’ve been writing forever but publishing my stories since 2019! I write contemporary and dark romance, and a romcom novella! I’m also going to try my hand at PNR and UF eventually.

Like most of the other authors have stated, I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on and writing short stories. I read mostly fantasy but when I discovered romance, it opened a whole new world for me! I love writing steamy, swoony, angsty, funny stories about two (or more ) people falling in love!

I live in the southern US with my hubby, two kiddos, (another on the way), and our sweet dogs! I’m excited to be writing and publishing with these amazing other authors in the Hate to Want You anthology

Angela Nicole

Unlike many others, the idea of writing didn’t come until I was in my late forties. Perhaps reading a romance novel every other day helped stoke the fire. Now with thirteen books out, I would say it has become an addiction. Well, they both have reading and writing. I live in New York State with my hubby and my neighbor’s cat…she won’t go home. I’m grateful to one a part of this anthology with so many talented authors. And I hope to me some readers soon at a book signing event.

Steph Weston

For as long as I can remember I’ve created stories and scenarios in my head. Everything I’ve done has some sort of storytelling involved, however it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that a story was so prominent that I had to sit down that day and write it out (by hand no less!) Today, I flit between immersing myself in my characters’ lives and running a skincare company. But always in a perpetual state of daydreaming and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

As a teen I was the very definition of the shy girl who eventually DID NOT win the heart of the quarterback. So maybe that is why I’m so obsessed with YA. I did however end up with my ex best friends ex boyfriends twin brother.

Vanessa Booke

Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for me. I was bullied a lot when I was younger because of my weight, and I didn’t have anyone to confide in, so I started writing poetry to express my pain. I wrote poems every day and carried a notebook with me to school. Eventually, some of the boys in Jr. High figured out about the poems, and they started asking if I would write them for their girlfriends. So I did. That, along with my mom’s love for romance novels, inspired a fascination for writing.

It wasn’t until I was out of college that I realized writing could be an actual career for me and not just a way to express my emotions. In 2014, I decided to publish a serial novel about a billionaire who falls for his curvy assistant. Less than a year later, I hit USA TODAY’S Bestsellers List with my book Bound to You. Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to write more romances that feature plus-size heroines in the hope of providing someone else an escape the way writing did for me.

Maya Riley

Moving around the country so much, I grew up totally immersed in books. When I wasn't reading, I was daydreaming my own stories, thinking that was the closest to authoring that I would ever get because to me, authors were the heroes.

After losing my mind and soul in cubicle land of the corporate world, I was laid off. Husband then encouraged me to take time off to live life and find something that I truly enjoyed.

My grandfather died on Christmas. While sitting there on a snowy Christmas night waiting for the funeral home to show up, I kept asking for his stories, but nobody could remember any other than he loved to tell them. So I decided that I was finally going to get my own stories down before they became lost to the world, and I published my first book six and a half months later.

I finally found the thing I really want to do in life, and I actually look forward to Mondays now because it means I have a whole new week of writing ahead of me. I'm honored to now be a part of such a great anthology amongst so many amazing authors, and I can't wait to give these stories to the world.

Samantha Lovelock

I’ve always been creative, but it usually took the form of drawing or painting when I was young and digital art as an adult, so writing is new to me.

My mum taught me to read before I started school, and having those amazing worlds to escape into when things got ugly, or to celebrate with when things were great is something that I’m insanely grateful for.

When I moved across Canada nine years ago to start a new life with my very own real-life second chance romance, I had no idea that after eight years in a corporate job that made me tired and burnt out and anxious, I would up and quit to follow a dream I didn’t even know was possible. One day I sat down in front of my computer and just started writing. My first book, Fragile Things, was born that day and I haven’t stopped since.

My inspiration comes from all kinds of things—my own life and personal experiences, dreams, nature, and people watching just to name a few. It's both amazing and humbling when people tell me they enjoyed something I’ve written, and I'm so excited there are still so many stories to tell.

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