Love Is A Battlefield!

Updated: Jan 20

Our favorite enemies to lovers couples in TV, books, and movies.

Mickey and Ian (aka Gallovich) from Shameless. The guilt. The denial. The inescapable chemistry. The passion. The unending chaos. The sheer brutality of their lives, and their love. Their fight to the bitter end for their HEA. I. Can't. Even. MV Ellis
Beth and Rio from Good Girls 😍 holy hell the tension, the chemistry, and the way he says her name. All they have to do is stand there and do nothing, and it's like they're doing everything, I bite my lip just watching. Maya Riley

It’s a story as old as time, and one we hate to love—enemies who become lovers. Two people who on the face of it, can’t stand the sight of each other, yet somewhere on a deeper level, they have a connection they just can’t ignore, no matter how hard they try. And boy, do they try!

Spike and Buffy. The HEAT. The tension! The snarky back and forth, the hilarious terror when Spike realizes he's falling for her and he just gasps, "Oh, GOD no..." Brantwijn Serrah
Ooooh, I LOVE Cardan and Jude from the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black. Their feuds throughout the first two books and fighting their attraction to each other made everything 100 times better by the end. They had an epic journey. Sara Massery

Typically it’s a case of ‘opposites attract,’ yet quite often neither party can see what’s right at the end of their noses—they’re wildly and irrevocably attracted to each other, despite what they think they should want, or should want.

Samuel and Carla from Elite. The back and forth had me screaming, but the wait was so worth it! Seriously loved them together even though they weren’t sure if what they had was love or hate. BL Mute
Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries. I love how over time you started to see a different side to him and you couldn't help but wait for him to show his compassionate side. Brooke O'Brien
Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones's Diary. *dreamy sigh* Two broken people who were polar opposites and were just as surprised as everyone else that their pieces fit together perfectly. "I like you. As you are." Teri Schuffert

Perhaps there’s a threat, real or imagined that means in their minds, they can never be together. They may come from completely divergent backgrounds, or have conflicting interests in one way or another. It could be that they stand for and believe in completely different things, and as far as they are concerned, will never see eye-to-eye.

Vicious by LJ Shen. I loved everything about that book. How flawed the characters both are, the minor characters, them falling for each other and finally getting their happily ever after. Shaw Hart
Abby and Mike in the Ugly Truth. The sexual tension with the hilarious humor, the restaurant scene there are no words for. Tonya Clark

Or maybe their rivalry isn’t even within their control, and they face of constraints and opposition put in place by other people—feuding families or bitter business rivals, for example.

The Proposal. First of all, I love Ryan and Sandra respectively. But I loved the comic flow their relationship presented. Her being such a stick in the mud but him being able to soften her up, with his humor. Sade Rena
Damen and Laurent from the Captive Prince trilogy. Deep seated I-have-to-kill-you hatred and slow burn? Sold! I love the tension and and slow, mesmerizing unravelling of their assumptions about each other. Veronica Eden

Whatever initially stands in their way, these couples are destined to be together, they just don’t know it yet. Or they do know it, but for reasons perhaps best known to themselves, they chose to ignore, deny or override their feelings, instead using them to fuel hate and rage. They may even be ashamed of harboring the desires they’ve buried deep within themselves, for someone they believe they have no business feeling that way.

Bully by Penelope Douglas - I just love Tate and Jared as characters, and the tension between them is so palpable, that you know they're going to be amazing together. Becca Steele
Beth and Rio from Good Girls. Holy simmering sexual chemistry, Batman! These two have it in spades. Every time he calls her Elizabeth instead of Beth, I'm a puddle on the ground. Elle Thorpe
The Princess Bride. Who doesn't love this movie? It needs no explanation why! Wanita May
Veronica Mars and Logan. I love the banter and true hate that all changes in one seemingly casual but life altering moment. Steph Weston

For most romance lovers, the beauty of a love story is the obstacles the couple has to overcome to get their happy ever after, and that absolutely explains the allure of the enemies to lovers trope. If the path of true love never did run smooth, then nothing typifies that more than eventual lovers who start off not being able to stand the sight of each other.

Caroline and Klaus from Vampire Diaries. Because I love that sick, toxic ass love. Author R. Holmes
Jon Snow and Ygritte from GOT. That cave scene, for one, but also because she was such a badass that took him by surprise. KB Cinder

Converting hate to love is one of the fiercest battles of all. It tests the couple’s strength, passion, and willingness to put everything on the line to get what their heart, mind, and soul desires. The higher the stakes, the rougher the path to happiness, and the more it may seem like the couple is doomed to never see the light.

Trick me Twice by Becca Steele. I don't read much, if at all but this book kept me glued to my reader. And well, its Becca Steele! Erin M Trejo
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I love the hate, the tension, the hand flex. *Swoon.* Holly Renee

These stores are filled with drama, angst, heartbreak, heartache, and bumps in the road and, more ‘heart in mouth’ moments than most of us can cope with. But the fact is, the harder the battle for love is fought, the greater the reward when it’s won, and we’re one hundred percent there for that.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! Their mutual but conflicting work goals and the way they try to put each other off is hilarious. Jacie Lennon
Stranger than Fiction. That point where he brings her flours. Sahara Roberts

Join the authors of the Hate To Want You boxset in reflecting on some of our favorite enemies to lovers couples in TV, books and movies.

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