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Haters Gonna Hate

We catch up with the Hate To Want You box set authors, to find out all the juicy deets about their anthology stories, and here's what we found out.

KB Cinder

- Enemies to lovers.

- Forced proximity in the Poconos.

- Opposites attract.

- A meet-cute involving bear spray.

- A dog named Nibble who I mistype as Nipple constantly.

Samantha Lovelock

- A mean girl

- A meaner boy

- An epic temper tantrum

- Dark secrets and lies

- A whispered promise

Brantwijn Serrah & Torie James

Title: Blood Born

- One smoldering cop

- One deadly sexy lady with a bloody past

- An underground club full of dead people.

- A mysterious and secretive redheaded lawyer from "Balboa Citizen's Attorneys", whom nobody called to the scene.

- Her pack of killer femmes who are most certainly not attorneys, no matter what their business cards say.

MV Ellis

Title: Denial At St. Joseph's Academy - The Fallen - fierce, feared, always revered

- Secrets, lies, and a big case of denial

- Love, hate, and a whole lot of emotions in between

- A love/hate quadrangle

- What happens when friends become enemies AND lovers

Brooke O'Brien

Title: Wild Irish

- Enemies to Lovers - Heroine bullied by hero while living in a foster home together growing up - MMA fighter hero - Fierce and smart-mouthed heroine - Secrets that will either tear them apart or bring them together

Darcy Rose & Faith Everly

- mfm/ménage

- stepbrothers

- enemies to lovers/bully

- j/p alpha H

- shy and super smart h

Alexandra Silva

Title: Deceiver

- one night stand - blackmail & coercion - possessive H boss/ strong h employee - betrayal - off the charts chemistry

Elle Thorpe

- They first appear in Locked Up Liars, book 1 in my Saint View Prison series.

- Eve is the curvy, sexy brunette who owns Saint View Strip. She's tough as nails and takes no shit from anyone, especially not Boston.

- Joshua Boston is a cop with his moral compass set dead on North. He lives by the law…

- Eve likes to break it.

- This is a male/female dark romantic suspense, set within the same world as Saint View High, and Saint View Prison.

Steph Weston

- Enemies to lovers

- Tortured rockstar who can’t let go of the past

- Heroine needing to prove herself and get as far away from the same past.

- Sexy AF

- secrets, lies, denials, confessions and a whole lotta ‘just do it already!’ Moments.

Brooke Summers

Title: Hateful Union

- Enemies to lovers - Mafia Romance - A hate but want relationship. - Sizzling attraction - Insta-lust

Maya Riley

Title: Good Girl

- Contemporary - A song was inspiration when it came on while trying to write in another WIP. I also have a notebook for ideas that came from songs that came on while I was trying to write something entirely different - Organized crime - Undercover - Enemies to lovers

Veronica Eden

Title: Wolfe Hunt

- Brother’s best friend - College enemies to lovers/bully - Hot AF rugby players - Bad boy alphahole that’s going to light you on fire - ...a hunt

Sahara Roberts

- Dark Mafia

- Enemies to lovers

- Forced proximity

- Bad Boy alphahole

- Multicultural

Naomi Springthorp

- Baseball Romance

- Jaded heroine hates men

- Fan takes satisfaction in bullying coach

- Mature couple

- Memories of the past

Tonya Clark

Title: Shame on Me

- Brother's best friend

- He's a firefighter

- She's the new firefighter

- He kissed and left

- She isn't forgiving him

Lexy Timms

Title: Dead of Night

- Nothing in life is free

- Everything comes at a cost

- Someone's death gave me a mansion

- I'm not the only one who wants it

- I will fight for what is mine... House or Love - both are worth dying for

Kate West

- The big apple

- Temptation with the devil

- Light bdsm

- Sex in the city vibe

- Control issues

Wow! These stories sound amazing, and here are five facts about the Hate To Want You box set that you really need to know.

- 21 books

- For only 99c

- Includes full-length novels and novellas

- Enemies-to-lovers and bully romance

- Obsessive rivals. Arrogant bastards. Beautiful bullies.

And one bonus fact...the Hate To Want You box set is available for pre-order right now!

Grab your copy today!

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